Project Description

The Global Assembly Cache (GAC) is a machine wide repository for .Net Assemblies. PowerShell GAC provides several PowerShell commands to view and modify the GAC.

PowerShell GAC works standalone and does not depend on tools like gacutils.exe. PowerShell GAC uses the documented native GAC API, so it does not depend on any GAC internals like changing folder structures.


Supports GAC for all .Net versions, including .Net 4.0 en .Net 4.5.

Get-GacAssembly Gets the assemblies in the GAC (alias gga)
Get-GacAssemblyFile Gets the FileInfo of assemblies in the GAC
Get-GacAssemblyInstallReference Gets the InstallReference of assemblies in the GAC
Add-GacAssembly Adds the assembly to the GAC
Remove-GacAssembly Removes the assembly from the GAC
New-GacAssemblyInstallReference Creates a new install reference
Test-AssemblyNameFullyQualified Determines whether the assembly name is fully qualified
Test-GacAssemblyInstallReferenceCanBeUsed Determines whether the install reference can be used with Add-GacAssembly and Remove-GacAssembly

Better display for the GAC contents. Can include the file version by using the FileVersion Table View.


# Show the assemblies in the GAC, including the file version
Get-GacAssembly SomeCompany* | Format-Table -View FileVersion

# Backup the assemblies in C:\Temp\SomeCompany
Get-GacAssembly SomeCompany* | Get-GacAssemblyFile | Copy-Item -Destination C:\Temp\SomeCompany

# Remove the assemblies from the GAC
# Can only be run from an elevated prompt
Get-GacAssembly SomeCompany* | Remove-GacAssembly

# Add the assemblies back to the GAC
# Can only be run from an elevated prompt
Add-GacAssembly C:\Temp\SomeCompany\*.dll


PowerShell 2.0 or higher


For more installation and usage instructions see Documentation

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